Knowing When Divorce Is Worth It

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From the time you were a child, odds are that you dreamed of having the perfect marriage. You saw the couples on TV full of unconditional and unwavering love for each other, and when you finally exchanged vows on your wedding day, you envisioned this kind of life for you and your family.

Unfortunately, this is too often not the case. As time passes and your life changes, the inevitable stress and hardships of life can take their toll on your marriage. The strain between you and your spouse begins to grow and the relationship that was a blessing not too long ago is now burdensome. You may justify the troubles to yourself by believing that you are in a temporary rough patch that it will work itself out, however, the memories of the love, which you and your partner once shared for each other, begin to fade to the point where you can’t remember why you loved them in the first place. It is when these problems reach the point, which they start causing harm to your family that it is important to consider your options for everyone’s sake.

Eventually as you begin to realize that your relationship difficulties are not short-lived, but permanent, you may ask yourself, “is divorce worth it”? Is it worth putting your children through so much emotional distress? Is it worth risking everything you have worked to build with your family? Since every relationship is different, there is no definite answer to these questions. However, in every case, the long-term effects of divorce can be significant for the entire family, so parents should not be hasty with their decisions.

In the video below, Family Law Attorney and Kids In The House expert Laura Wasser encourages parents to evaluate their circumstances before deciding if divorce is worth it for their family.  “It is worth getting a divorce if you have tried to fix the marriage and fix the relationship and have not been able to,” she said. “If you have exhausted all your possibilities of working it out, then it is worth it to you and to your partner and to your kids to get into a happier situation.”

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