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Sex reduces stress, results in better sleep, lowers risk for heart attack and lowers blood pressure. But studies show 40 percent of women experience sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is anything that prevents a partner from experiencing satisfaction at any point during sexual activity.

A lack of arousal or desire to have sex, inability to orgasm and pain disorders all constitute sexual dysfunction. Symptoms of sexual dysfunction are different between men and women, and have both physical and psychological causes. There are a range of treatments, including therapy, education and medication.

At Mamalode, we encourage you to be your own best lover and to bring sexy back. We encourage communication with your partner and don’t be afraid to go on an orgasm quest.

If you’ve lost your mojo after having kids and trying to find a balance or keep the flame going, we’ve got you covered.

And if you think it’s professional help you need, we’ve got that too. We have resources for pain during sex, tips on kissing and flirting.

Sexologist Lindsey Doe answered Mamalode’s sex questions before, and she covers all imaginable topics on her YouTube channel, Sexplanations. We suggest her videos on sex drive, choosing a professional, and bringing sexy back.

A recent study found that just talking about sexual dysfunction can have the same impact on your sex life as medication would. So start communicating.

This month’s theme partner, HelloFlo, has a master class with a gynecologist to cover topics on sexual dysfunction and how to get your sex life back on track.


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