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If you're pregnant with your first baby, mom-dating may sound creepy or risqué. But experienced moms know that mom dates are more frequent (and often more fun) than couple dates. Just like regular dating, getting her digits, choosing the location and following up after the date are all well-mannered mom dating etiquette expectations. If you perused your options prior to settling down with your handsome hubby, your dating skills were most likely well-honed. Who knew premarital dating was actually practice for a lively, fulfilling future of mom dating? For first-time moms and rusty daters alike, here are five mom-dating tips to snag that perfect mom friend.

Get Out of the House

Your neighborhood park should be rechristened “Mom Central.” Eligible mom friends abound, looking for the right mom buddy. I remember my first pick-up. Me, the lonely unassuming stay-at-home mother of one. The other mom – a savvy mom of two – seeking a similar age playmate for her second child. We chatted, hit it off and she swooped in for the numbers exchange. Job done, we’ve been friends ever since.

Find Commonalities

When searching for the right mom – start by finding companions for your kids. Most likely moms of similar aged children will have endless notes to compare. The two of you can laugh, cry and support each other while you traverse the messy stages of parenting, from dealing with bed-wetting to biting, you’ll find solace in knowing your chaos is communal.

Communicate via Text

It’s still taboo to breakup via text in every dating scene, but staying in touch via text is recommended, especially for moms. Long gone are the days of gabbing on the phone: such conversations are often accompanied by a cacophony of screams and whines. Stick to texting to communicate. A simple text asking how the pediatrician appointment went or offering babysitter referrals are simple ways to be a good mom friend and supporter.

Conquer a Big Outing

There’s safety in numbers. Brave the zoo, an amusement park or the beach, where you and your new mom friend can explore your friendship and the environs together. Chances are that whatever you forgot (agh! the diapers… again) she remembered and vice versa. Two mommy brains are better than one.

Plan a Kid-free Mom Date

Remember when you used to meet your college roommate for a cup of coffee to chat? Or the time you went for a jog with a friend? Your new mom friends can fill this niche of much-needed grownup time. Get your nails done together, sip a glass of Shiraz and above all talk about anything but your kids.

Let us know what tried and tested mom-dating tips you’d like to share! Let’s improve our social lives together, one mom date at a time.


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