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To quote my dear friend Galit “Oh my heart” I am beyond excited about this month’s theme and partnerships…

The theme first: SHARING… sharing your passions, sharing your family, sharing secrets, stories, truths, knowledge. I love every angle of this word.

And the partners, well this month we are a beautiful badass trifecta—Mamalode, and HelloFlo are coming together to SHARE our gifts— and HelloFlo have joined forces to offer the mother of all Master classes and we want the world to know.

How on Earth did this awesomeness happen, well, it is a great little story… Galit is an ultra-Mamaloder (is there such a thing? There should be. And she would be it.)—she has written for us, and shared the heck out of Mamalode even when we were just a wee little company. She also is the author of the must –read Kindness Wins: A simple guide to teaching your kids to be kind online.

She introduced us to, which is amazing—ah, maze, ing. The tagline is “The most honest conversation you will ever have” and it is a community based on video conversations.

HelloFlo is one of my long-time-business crushes. I can’t believe we are working with them… I squeal. Their videos alone are worth the visit… join the over 40 million viewers.

From their awesome site:

HelloFlo, (is) a community devoted to promoting health and empowerment for women and girls. HelloFlo has a simple mission – to normalize the conversation around women’s bodies so that we can live healthier lives. Along with award-winning content, the company offers a mix of monthly subscriptions and one-of-a-kind care packages to help women and girls through transitional times in their life.

Seriously both of these businesses are setting out to change the world by making being a woman totally fun, smart and connected.

So all month, while you SHARE your stories, we will be SHARING across all three platforms—cross pollinating a new type of garden where we all grow, better together. So dear readers, remember that you are the most powerful of all platforms—If you like something (content, product, person) then SHARE. Your endorsement is the ultimate currency. A “Like” is great, but in this day and age, to “love” is to SHARE.

To again quote the phenomenon that is Galit Breen #ShareWhatMatters.

You matter. To us and to our partners.


About the Master Class:

Have you ever turned to “Dr. Google” or “Nurse Message Board” to solve your most sensitive health issues, just to end up more confused and frustrated?  We have.

The ultimate women’s health resource is coming to life. HelloFlo, the everyday health/wellness resource for women and girls, and creators of highly viral videos (over 40 Million views), is announcing a partnership with VProud, a video-driven conversation platform built by a former YouTuber. The partnership is called Master Classes, and it aims to solve the “Dr. Google” problem by providing health and parenting classes taught by best-in-class doctors and experts in their field.

When it comes to sensitive and often taboo women’s health issues like fertility, sexual dysfunction, bladder incontinence, and raising children there is an abundance of unvetted information out there, and it’s hard to know what’s actually accurate, credible, and relevant to you. This is the problem with “Dr. Google”, and this is the problem that Master Classes is solving. 

Classes available at launch are:

1.     Fertility for Beginners

2.     Understanding Sexual Dysfunction

3.     Parenting Through Puberty

4.     Controlling Your Leaking

5.     Decoding Your Child’s Behavior (ages 0-11)

6.     Balancing Sugar in Your Diet

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Elke Govertsen is a entrepreneur and founder of Mamalode. She has been featured in Real Simple, Forbes, Where Women Create, Ad Tech, and listed as one of Origin Magazine's "Top 100 Creatives." She has been a speaker at The Girls Lounge, Adweek, C2Montreal, HATCH, TEDx and (her favorite) in classrooms. She speaks on a variety of topics from entrepreneurship to overcoming obstacles. She loves consulting in the areas of community design, storytelling and brand building. Her special skills include extreme bootstrapping, overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities. Of the many things she has learned by doing Mamalode, her ability to work with absolute chaos/kids/mess just might be the best. She is learning that slowing down creates more impact.

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