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I don’t know about you, but in dark moments of self-doubt, I find consolation in a friend’s understanding; in the comfort that comes from a simple I’ve been there too. You’ll get through it. It’ll all be ok. These are simple statements that carry no judgment, no alternate meaning and a whole lot of love.

A collection of letters that offer these same sentiments, Dear Mom Letters sets out to be a reminder to us all that indeed you are not alone.

In this eBook, Rachel Martin validates every mother’s fear and worry by writing the words that we all hear in our minds but are too afraid to speak aloud.

Am I good enough?

Those four little words mull around in my brain throughout the day. I’ll interact with others, write an email, read to the kids, cook dinner, fold laundry, mow the lawn, do a craft project, clean the living room for the third time, volunteer my time, bandage a skinned knee, clean the kitchen for the fourth time, will work very hard and at the end of the day will rest in my bed wondering if I measured up. If I’m mom enough, wife enough, homemaker enough, writer enough, friend enough.

Am I enough?

Rachel says, “Motherhood is not meant to be journeyed alone. These simple letters, the reflections of my heart, have turned into a way for moms to support each other and to let others know that they are not alone.”

Her letters are written with such an intimacy and warm kindness that reading them, I felt as though I was reading a letter from my best friend; my most trusted confidante. She writes neither to the masses nor to a demographic: she writes to the heart of each person who picks up her book.

Sweet, sweet, sweet mom.

You matter. Today, embrace the child and the gift of being a mother. Embrace it. When they look at you—they see mom—they will never ever ever judge how they came into your life. Love them. Give of yourself. Pray for them. Embrace the ups and downs. Don’t give up. But, ultimately, again, love them. Unconditionally.

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing.

Your children need you.

Composed of words whose meanings course through the veins of each and every mom, Dear Mom Letters would make a great gift for a new mom, a pick-me-up for the mom who needs it, and for anyone who needs a crucial reminder: you matter. What you do matters. And you are not alone.

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