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We recently caught up with Lunarbaboon, comic artist and dad, to find out what makes him get out of bed in the morning, and more importantly what inspires him to make comics. After all not every dad has the inspriration for such an endeavor. Here’s what we found out:

1. Where did the name Lunarbaboon come from?

Kids often see the excess hair on my arms and ask, “Why are you so hairy?” I started answering that it was because my dad was a space monkey and my mom was a human and they fell in love and had me. In the comics it has evolved into the idea of feeling alone and isolated. The only one of a kind left, like Superman, but with a lot of moles and no powers.

2. When did you first starting creating comics?

I started making comics a little over a year ago. It was part of my third life crisis.

3. Who has had the biggest influence on you and how did they affect your life?

If we are talking making comics, or creating art, then definitely my mom. She is an art teacher and has always been incredibly supportive when it comes to me doing something with my (minimal) talent. If we are talking how I live my day to day, then my wife Danielle. I consider myself a very weak and feeble minded person, she is the opposite. She helps me be a more well rounded human being.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard given to a new creator that is trying to get their work published?

Create things (comics) that you love and make a lot of them. Then send them out into the internet world (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest). Finally, be patient. Even if your content is great it takes time to build a fan base.

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