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An Interview with Kimberly Blaine

Kimberly Blaine is the go-to mom.

No really, deemed one of the most powerful moms in social media by Working Mother Magazine, Kimberly Blaine is the executive producer of the Go-To Mom web series and she is the producer of the Sony sponsored show www.MommytoMommy.TV.

We love Kimberly Blaine. She works constantly to further the ways in which parents can connect and form communities through advances in social media and technology. Her most recent ploy to form mama-connections comes through her work with Ptch and DreamWorks as their Chief Media Mom. As such, she promotes and rules the world of ptch, an app that allows you to shoot and edit video on your iPhone. Ptch is the perfect way for moms like Kimberly to make use of the unending stream of hilarious videos that they capture of their children everyday. Ptch is also a perfect place to find glimpses into hilarious moments captured in places like the Mamalode office.

Kimberly embodies what Mamalode is all about—forming connections and communities between parents everywhere—and we think she is too cool. And so does Red Tricycle; they named her one of the coolest power moms in L.A.

Mamalode: Share with our readers how you first learned about Mamalode.

Kimberley: I was on a shoot for one of my digital and web travel shows, which featured Montana’s Paws Up Ranch. Upon leaving, I saw the Mamalode magazine in the airport coffee store. I picked it up and read it in its entirety—after crying most of the time, I decided I must submit an essay to this glorious magazine! I remember thinking it was just gorgeous too.

Mamalode: You were very recently honored and named Chief Media Mom by Ptch iPhone app—which is powered by DreamWorks Animation—Congratulations! What does this role entail?

Kimberley: There are millions of apps on the market and my job is to round up the parents and teach them how to use ptch and to encourage them to share it with others. I’ve been doing online video for seven years now and I’m quite taken by this magical micro editing system. I get so jazzed to show other parents how cool and simple it is. If I’m not at my computer writing or tweeting, I’m probably on the school grounds recording a ptch video of my kids. No joke!

Mamalode: How do you use Ptch?

Kimberley: Ptch is a free mobile editing device for your iPhone. Shoot, edit, choose filter, song and BAM! you have a professionally edited video all from you iPhone! It can be shared on your social media platforms or set it to private and shared just with family. By the way, there is no 'i' it's just ptch—@Officialptch on Twitter and ptch at the App Store. It's free and very simple to use. Ptch offers a variety of themes and filters and the best part of ptch is you can use iTune songs. So you'll automatically go from cool video producer to ultra awesome video producer. Most of my ptch's take me 7 minutes to shoot and edit. However since I love to place the right iTunes song with the theme, I do take my time and preview many song choices. This sometimes takes me 20 minutes. The kids love using it too, it is that easy.

Mamalode: What exactly is it about this new social media outlet that is so unique? What makes it different from and better than all of the other social media apps?

Kimberley: Best part of this app? I can shoot, edit and load to my social media platforms while I’m at the beach! Every time a new video app comes out, you know I'm the first to download it and give it a whirl. It didn't take me all but a few minutes to see the potential love affair. There are few iPhone apps out there that actually edit your footage for you. The other apps don't allow you to use up-to-date cool songs from iTunes like ptch does. So you can now showcase your little ones dancing to Justin Bieber or you doing a jig to Beyonce legally! So who’s the cool mom now? You!

Mamalode: Is there anything else you would like to add about Ptch or your new role at DreamWorks?

Kimberley: Parents have a lot of video and photos on their cameras, now they can make keepsakes anywhere anytime using ptch app. I find myself making ptch videos whenever I’m waiting at Doctor’s office or the DMV. As Chief Media Mom, I like to feature new member videos who join ptch—so if you’re an iPhone family, when you’re done reading this (if I have won you over that is!) download it now and follow me on ptch ( so I can see and promote your video-master pieces!

Mamalode: Can you share with us what other projects are on the horizon for you?

Kimberley: I’m starting my 5th book, which will be out in September 2014. Its primary focus is on women and mothers mental health. I’m hoping to re-brand depression and many other diagnoses that women are faced with. It’s time we come out of the stigmatized dark closet and celebrate our multifaceted unique selves.

Kimberly is the go-to mom and is constantly changing the face of the world for moms by transforming the ways in which they interact and stay connected. She has also opened up the lines of communication between moms through her own writings in her books; <a data-cke-saved-href=”http://<a href=” href=”http://<a href=” http:=”””” gp=”” product=”” 1439246432=”” ref=”as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1439246432&linkCode=as2&tag=mamalode01-20&quot;>The” internet=”” mommy:=”” inspiring=”” interviews=”” and=”” stories=”” from=”” mother's=”” who=”” work=”” play=”” online.=”” how=”” social=”” networks=”” influence=”” the=”” way=”” moms=”” make=”” money,=”” …=”” friends,=”” raise=”” kids=”” (the=”” go-to=”” mom=”” book)<=”” a><img=”” data-cke-saved-src=”″ src=”″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” >”=”” target=”_blank”>The Internet Mommy and The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children. Kimberly Blaine embodies Mamalode. And we love her for it.

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