The Whizpops Release a New Album—Sea Blue Sea

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The Whizpops are back, and their third album is not only catchy and fun, it sports an aquatic theme that is full of educational lyrics. The album, called Sea Blue Sea, gave me flashbacks to my own childhood, listening to Raffi songs. Though his songs aren't quite as educational as those found on Sea Blue Sea, they were approachable and fun loving—and the Whizpops have that in spades.

After raising over $15,000 in their Kickstarter campaign, they released their latest 10-track album that chronicles facts about sea creatures, with hopes that it will gain national exposure. If you are familiar with The Whizpops you will find their latest album a delight for both you and your child to listen to. With up-tempo melodies that range from doo-op to a sea shanty with smart lyrics, The Whizpops successfully combine music with marine education.

What sets Sea Blue Sea apart from most children’s music is that it engages the mind of the listener. From the first song “Coral Reef” to the last “Octopus” there may be scientific terms that your child won’t know. In the song “Manta Ray” there is a line; “Manta ray, soaring through the blue mucus membrane shields you from bacteria too.” How often do you hear the phrase mucus membrane in a children’s song? But this is the beauty of the album—the melodies are catchy enough that the children will learn facts about the ocean and it's sea creatures without even realizing it!

Though the strongest element of Sea Blue Sea is in its lyrics, the diversity of musical styles will keep the audience listening. The Whizpops fittingly use traditional island style genres, including a breezy island ukulele riff in “Manatee” to the grim accordion filled sea shanty “Anglerfish.” Sea Blue Sea has plenty of songs that will get you moving too. From the funky 70’s inspired “Dolphin Disco” to “Coral Reef” which includes some hip-hop elements, it gives the album a definite boost of energy and tunes to boogie too.                                                                                            

Sea Blue Sea is a fun, upbeat and entertaining album filled with hundreds of fun facts about aquatic life that will surely inspire any listener.

Check out their newly released Sea Turtle video!

Go to to learn more about the band, albums and tour schedule. Sea Blue Sea is also available on iTunes for download. Follow the band’s latest happenings on their facebook page

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