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Colin Wright’s new book, Act Accordingly is an invitation to one and all (moms included!) to seek out and find the marrow of who you are and what you love to do. Better yet, he has ideas about how to bring that essence into your life. All of us here at Mamalode love this book and we’re excited to be giving away a signed copy!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below telling us what you do everyday to live your best life.

Here is an excerpt from his book with an introduction from the author.

“I wanted to write a very short book—short enough that even non-readers wouldn't be intimidated by it—and publish it in such a way that anyone who wanted a copy could snag one, and at a reasonable price. Thankfully, I was born into a world where the future has arrived and publishing is accessible not just to the bigwigs in New York, but anyone, anywhere, so long as they have a computer and an idea.”

“Redefining yourself–and your dreams–is not about being lazy. It’s about being a bullet of intention flying toward a vitally important target. Consider that there might not be a later. Consider that today might be your last chance to make headway on that goal. Consider how you’ll feel when you’re close to achieving your goal. And how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved it. Act accordingly.”
                                    -Colin Wright, Act Accordingly

Colin Wright is a 28-year-old author, entrepreneur and full-time traveler. For the past four years, Colin has moved himself to a new country every four months using the votes of his readers as a compass. He has published 11 books in addition to his subscription-based dispatches, Exiles and Let’s Know Things. His blog, Exile Lifestyle has more than 150,000 monthly readers.

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