Confessions from a Single Mom

Janny Cramlett Single/Step Parent

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I confess…

I am a single mom of three. Two are twins.

At times it is truly hard being a single mom.

At times I convince myself I would not want it any other way.

I confess I feel my children are not mistakes. I wanted them. I feel blessed to have them.

I confess at times I feel ashamed that I am single, with three kids.

I confess…

We do not have a lot, but in love we are rich.

I have wondered why the heck did I want kids. What was thinking wanting kids! I must have been nuts! The I look at them while they are sleeping so peacefully, and I totally understand why I did.

At times I think my children could be a bit obsessed with mommy.

I confess I think others expected me to fail in this thing called motherhood.

I confess I get overwhelmed at times.

I confess…

There are times when being a single mom sucks. For example when I’m tired and need the garbage taken out. Help with the groceries. A back massage. Or to kill that evil-looking spider lurking in the bathroom.

My kids make life worth living.

I confess I once let my son eat ice cream for dinner because I was too tired to cook.

I confess…

I have forgotten everything girly and feminine in raising 3 boys.

Finding time to shower is hard.

Coffee has become my lifeline.

Motherhood has given me super powers. I can now change diapers in the dark!

I confess I am starting not to mind the company when I go to the bathroom.

I confess…

I fear the teenage years. I’m seeing the prelude with my 10-year-old and it's not pretty!

I constantly worry if I am doing a good job as a mother.

I sometimes sacrifice eating so my kids can get plenty to eat.

We one time survived on eating Halloween candy.

I sometimes sit and watch my children sleep and fall deeper in love with them.

I have looked at my kids and thought. Wow! I made that!

I let my children co-sleep.

I had crush on Greg the original yellow Wiggle.

I confess there really is no single motherhood. We are all just mothers.


About the Author

Janny Cramlett

Janny is a freelance writer, author and mother of 3.

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