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Diana Kane Stay at Home Parent

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It was the end of a long day. My body ached as I finished up the supper dishes. At that point I couldn’t decide if I was exhausted or the fourth soldier to fall to the stomach bug that had invaded our house.

The kids were running amok in the living room overloaded on carbs so I quietly snuck upstairs to take a hot bath. As I searched through the cabinets for the long lost bubble bath it dawned on me that I had never taken a bath in this house. I spotted the lavender bottle on the top shelf tucked in a box full of items that never get used. I started to run the water in the garden tub but quickly changed my mind. I am vertically challenged which makes finding a comfortable position impossible in an oversized tub. I opted for the kid’s bathroom instead.

I turned the water to scalding hot…just because I could. Poured way too many bubbles in and shut off the lights. I was alone… and lying there in the dark was my best attempt at keeping it that way.  In a matter of minutes the clambering of little feet charged up the stairs and the mommy search party began. “Mom?” I was silent. The bathroom door was open but the lights were off so they couldn’t physically see me. “MOM!” As their hollers became more concerned I folded under the guilt and revealed my location. “Mommy is in your bathtub sweetie.”

The little one skipped in, promptly turned on the lights and began undressing. “Mama, can I get in?” Like there was a choice, as she charged towards the tub. “Sure, honey. Just let Mommy cool the water down a million degrees first.” I had officially enjoyed three minutes to myself before my relaxing bath turned into a luke-warm pool party. But that is life as a mom.

She blissfully piled into the mountains of bubbles. Her smile instantly melted my heart and the aches and pains of the day somehow diminished. Fits of laughter erupted as our wiggling toes emerged from the bubbles. Each sporting chipped fingernail polish from our recent attempt to be stylish.

Time stopped.  There we were, immersed in endless white bubbles that quietly fizzled and popped as they melted away into the water.  I was staring into most beautiful hazel eyes of a little girl who was created through love.  Her striking resemblance of my late mother-in-law and her father’s infectious smile had me mesmerized.  She is more perfect than anything I could have ever imagined.  And beyond all else this tiny person truly believes I hung the moon.

I almost missed this. I had unknowingly tried to escape this moment that will forever be frozen in my memory as one of the million times I fell in love with my daughter.

I scooped up a handful of bubbles, placed them on my chin and pretended to be Santa Claus.  She carefully wiped the bubbles away and then crafted a more suitable Santa beard of her own. She giggled because she was happy…I smiled because I was grateful.

Today I take away a new perspective on motherhood. I learned that the sometimes inconvenient moments can turn out to be the most magical memories of my life. When things get crazy, take a deep breath and soak it in. You never know what you could be missing.


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Diana Kane

Diana Kane is a wife, mom, and frequent companion to coffee and chaos. She is a proud supporter of ice cream cake for breakfast and perpetually struggles with being on time. Diana blogs at , where she writes about the less than perfect version of motherhood and recently published her first book, “Mama Needs A Cupcake.”

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