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by Matilda Beltz, age 13

Should I put that picture of my PSL on my snapchat story?

Does this selfie look bad?

Do they all secretly hate me?

Are my posts “artsy” enough?

Are these clothes still considered cute?

Why can’t I look like her?

I’m not good at anything.

Am I doing well in school?

My makeup is so not-on-point today.

Am I considered popular?

I’m definitely going to forget to do this tomorrow.

Ugh, insomnia.

Do I need more followers on Instagram?

I wish this fight would end.

He will never like me back.

Do people still hashtag?

Is this fandom lame?

Can sweatpants be cute?

When are they making the next movie?

I’m going to look so tired tomorrow.

Is she saying those subtle things to hurt me?

Is this song stupid?

Why is everyone good at things I’m not?

Am I the only one who worries so much?

Is any of this going to matter in a few years?


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