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Thanks for nominating a BAM— you are BAMtastic.

There are a million ways to be a BAM– strength, tenacity, hope, goals. Some BAMs climb mountains, some BAMs move mountains. Some BAMs make a lot happen with only a little resources. A BAM might be an athlete, an inspiration, a survivor, a good neighbor, a great friend. BAMs run races, run companies, run as fast as they can to just get through the day.
Tell us about a BAM in your life– a friend, sister, hero, your mom. You can nominate more than once, so keep thinking of BAMs!

We will take your nomination and feature them on Mamalode (“America's best parenting magazine”) in September 2015 when our theme for the month is BAM #badassmom. Our theme partner is Voke Tab — a cool company that started making natural energy tabs for high performance athletes, but quickly realized the most extreme badasses were MOMs, and BAM was born.

We are thrilled to highlight so many amazing moms. Thanks for helping us find them.

There are so many ways to BAM– Nominate HERE

And while you are BAMing– don't forget to get the gear.

As a thank you for participating, our favorite source of convenient, natural energy, Voke Tab, has offered a free trial month of Voke Reload. Click here to learn more about Voke Tab and use discount code MamasVoked during the month of September.

Read about more Badass Moms here!

Do you know a Badass Mom? Nominate them here!


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September 2015 – BAM
We are thrilled to work with VOKE tab (natural energy tabs) to power BAM and highlight so many #badassmoms
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