Growing Up Is Hard To Do

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At first they were so tiny and fragile and precious, oh so precious. But like a bouncing ball, time tumbled by and before I knew it, feet that had never walked were running and stumbling, and previously indecipherable words became enthusiastic sentences.

The holding and bundling evolved into corralling and guiding, reasoning. Slippers and onesies were passed on for shoes and pants or dresses. Days were filled with other people’s schedules, compromise and errands.  

The growing happens, whether I like it or not. It’s a push and a pull. It gets easier and harder. For me and for them.

I am both teacher and student. It’s a lot of work. And now I have one taller than me and we’re talking about life after high school. Thankfully, many of the milestones and moments along the way have been captured in cards and photos and journals, in the lines on my face and inside boxes in the basement. It’s a journey filled with love, hardship, hope and determination.

This month we’re going to share your stories about growing up, big and little, then and now, and the memories of it all. And we want to thank our very special theme partner – EasyKicks—for making one part of growing up a whole lot easier. Because of them, we can find the right shoes when we need them. We get to stumble less and spend more time doing what we love. Because of them, we have one less errand, happy kids, new shoes, anytime.  


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Dori Gilels is Mamalode's Publisher and COO. She once told her husband there isn't a single thing she started that she didn't finish. Need we say more?

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This month’s theme GROWING UP is brought to you by EasyKicks. Growing up is hard to do, but buying shoes doesn’t have to be.
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