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Katie Mathews is the epitome of a BAM. She has a full plate like many others, and yet never complains. She remains inspirationally optimistic and continues to help others despite her heavy load. She has two young sons, both are a great mix of snips, snails, and puppy dog tails. One is especially fond of pulling puppy dog tails and therefore requires a lot of patience and special attention from her. She also works full time as an elementary teacher and primary care giver to her special needs brother-in-law on a full time basis. She and her husband inherited this responsibility, when her in-laws died within the last three years. Not only does Katie tackle the above responsibilities, but she would also do anything to help someone in need. A few examples of her genuine friendship…She had one of her friends/co-workers entire family staying in her basement for almost three weeks when they were between houses. She often pet-sits for friends (at no cost), babysits and carpools her friend's and neighbor's children, and she is always first to volunteer to take meals to others in need of support, run errands for them, or give them a phone call to check in on them and show she cares. Katie Mathews is quite simply the rock that keeps her family together, and many of her friends.

Nominated by Amy Rogers

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