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Kelly is my daughter-in-law and the mother of my 2 beautiful granddaughters. In my eyes she is a “warrior” mom and teacher. It takes strength and perseverance to be both, and do it with love and excellence. Kelly is a kindergarten teacher who truly loves the children who come into her class each year. That love is evident in the tears she sheds each year as she watches her “Kiddos” fly away to first grade. The children in her classes return that love to her. They come back to her room every year just to say, “I love you Ms Mayes” or “I wish I was still in your class”.

At home she is still teacher as well as mom; my granddaughters could not have a better mom. She gives all she has to them by exposing them to as many different experiences as possible, from museums to cultural events, and church on Sundays.

It takes a warrior to do all that she does in spite of the pain she lives with from Spinal degeneration. If the designation for sainthood was left up to me, Kelly would be first on my list.

Nominated by: Nancy Mayes


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