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Dedicated to: Sandy Kosena, Jamie Merifield, Katie Petersen, Connie Bruekner, Courtney Shields, Arianna Adams, Crystal Crocker, Salisha Stufflebeam, Cait Sargent, Mar'Kee Houppert, Rebecca Birket, Paige Pavalone, Deni Poling and a few others.

Mothers in Law Enforcement put their lives on the line to serve and protect their community, just like all cops and deputies. But mothers in particular sacrifice their basic needs to help everyone around them when sometimes they don't have much left to give. They want to take care of their children at home, their partners in life, their co-workers, and community members. Many of us women in law enforcement see it as our duty to help each other, just as much as we help the citizens in this community. It would be ideal if we mothers could get all of our basic needs met before we start helping others, but that is not the reality of being a mama cop. Cops run call to call to call; which means sometimes we don’t eat, pee, or do anything on a regular schedule.

There is nothing like being a nursing mama cop who has to pump breast milk in between emergencies and still hasn’t been afforded the time to breathe sometimes. We do the best with what we have.

There is power and beauty in seeing a badass mother in uniform, carrying a gun, a taser, pepper spray, and other defensive weapons, and who softly speaks to those around her saying she empathizes and feels your pain, and then hugs it out! I have seen big bad criminals cower to a female officer who is simply just using her “mommy voice”. The laughter and tears shared between female officers is different than between men and women. We see the world through different lenses. The lens a mother looks through while working cases related to child abuse, sexual assault, and other horrendous crimes brings home into work and brings work home. It is almost impossible to separate. There are many jobs where the separation is easy, but law enforcement is not one of them on such an emotional level.

I am in awe of the current mama cops who have inspired me to be both a great mom and a great cop at the same time. I pray the sacrifices we mamas have made pave the way for the next generation to walk an easier road than we are walking.

I wrote this in honor of Officer Kerrie Orozco who was killed in May 2015 while on duty. She died the day before her premature newborn daughter was to be released from the hospital. I cried for days when I heard this story. I still have heartache for her children, husband, and law enforcement family.

Nominated by: Courtney Shields


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