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Tamara Rubin is a warrior for lead safety and education. She is mom to 4 gorgeous boys, of whom two were severely lead poisoned when they were small babies during a home renovation(that did not practice lead safety). Today, she shuffles raising her kids, traveling the country to educate other families in safe lead levels and show her film, running a NPO foundation Lead Safe America, and wrapping up her movie, MisLead:Americas Secret Epidemic, which is currently in post production.

She also sends out donated Lead Detection kits(donated by 3M) and does house calls to our local Portland (and outside of Oregon) residential homes, as well as historic Elementary schools in the area.

One of the coolest things I've ever got to do with LSAF was attend a Phish concert as a volunteer helper for the Water Wheel Foundation in Bend Oregon this past summer (John Fishman and family have recently been victim to lead poisoning too!). The statistics don't lie, lead poisoning is a dead serious topic and because of Tamara, I, amongst thousands more, are more aware and taking a firm stand.

I see this momma, failing in her own health, dodging foreclosure on her home, dealing with ill children, and all the while taking a firm stand in placing her foot in the proverbial doorway of Big Money Lead. She is taking great strides to eradicate the myths and lies that big lead have us all falling for- lead poisoning is not just for the poor and uneducated, it can affect anyone- by getting in the middle of the Industry's warpath and steadfastly calling out the bums who keep lead in play.

For a momma who I met per chance only a year ago, I have found a great friend and cause to advocate for. I am so proud of how far she has come and how far she plans to go. She is most certainly a BAD ASS MOM!

Nominated by: Jessica L Scarlett

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