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Everyone has a story, everyone has a voice and every voice matters. We at Mamalode have been thinking a lot about the power of voice, especially during this election season.

While each of us has opinions about which presidential candidate we think would best serve the greater good, we feel Mamalode as a whole is not a soap box from which political endorsements should be made. We are not about telling our readers who to like, or what to believe. But we remain steadfastly committed to finding ways to elevate your voice.

Whatever issues burn inside you, we hope you will find a way to express your views in a positive, supportive, strong and loving way. That's certainly true when we publish your essays, and it is equally true when we encourage you to vote. Our collective voices matter, only because each individual voice matters.

The worst thing that can happen on an Election Day is that good people will think their voice doesn't matter and they will decide not to vote. The importance of voting is not just to decide who will be the next president. It determines who will serve on school boards, city councils, county commissions, in local and state law enforcement leadership, on judicial benches, in state and federal legislative offices and it directs policy and determines if and how schools and libraries get funded in our communities.

If Mamalode is going to endorse anyone during this election season, we endorse you, because your voice is the one that matters. Please, vote. 

As always, we look forward to listening.
                                                                           – Team Mamalode

We want to know what you think. Comment below, submit your own views, and engage with us on social. Write to us, express yourself, and most importantly, vote.

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