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My son came into this world five weeks early – or as I like to say, he kicked his way to freedom. As a planner this was not what I had envisioned: I did not have my nursery set up, I didn't have a pedicure and I didn’t even have the car seat I had registered for yet. So without time for nary a Facebook update, I brought him to my baby shower the day after I got out of the hospital for his debut. Basically, there was a party he didn’t want to miss. This was the introduction to my new life: Chasing Bailey.

What this story elicits for me and perhaps may resonate with other Mamas out there, is that motherhood is about becoming ready without being ready; it’s a state of constant adjustment. Some earth mothers might call this flow – for me it feels more like fits and starts.

Throughout the first year, I was, quite frankly, just trying to keep him alive, in a constant haze of exhaustion while trying to also work a full-time corporate job.

He’s nearly nine now, and parenting doesn’t seem to get any easier, it just changes – in a beautiful, messy, delicious, tiring, inspiring way. Just when I adjust to his latest phase – rowdy, needy, independent – he’s leapt ahead and I’m trying to catch up, maybe even get ahead a little, so that I can support him.

As a single, full time working mom, chasing Bailey has taught me to chase life – to go for things professionally and personally even if I’m not ready.

He inspired me to create a kids card game to help with the painful transition off of screen time. The game kicks off with a burp contest and is peppered with lots of farts, boogers and laughs. My son is the one who encouraged me to take this game to a wider public audience. Launching it this spring has become my passion and one of my biggest leaps of faith yet.

Deep down, we know the truth: we’re never ready. Life delivers us all challenges, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can catch a moment to pause and take in the wonders of life: chasing our children and chasing our dreams.


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Stacy Katz

Stacy Katz is the inventor and co-founder of , a new card game for mischief-makers 8+.

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