Elizabeth Thompson because i said so

I want to stop time, freeze-fram your innocence, your toddlerhood, this moment, forever.

Magic in a Summer Night

Elizabeth Thompson Elementary School

The whole world is a kid again, if only for a time. For an extra hour, maybe two, we revel in the lingering daylight, wrapping ourselves in the friendly dark that slowly puts the day to sleep. And in those hours, anything is possible.

5 Hilarious Picture Books Guaranteed to Make Your Child Laugh

Elizabeth Thompson mama's list

A toddler in footy pajamas, snuggled up in your lap; a clever picture book; a chorus of belly laughs… Does bedtime get any better than that? These five picture books are crowd-pleasers sure to get toddlers and preschoolers—and their parents!—giggling with glee.

Rainy Day

Elizabeth Thompson Poetry

A poem by Elizabeth Thompson.

Little Things

Elizabeth Thompson Poetry

This is the poem I never thought I'd get to write, in the days when I wondered if anyone would ever call me “mom.”

On Pinkeye, Lice, and Love

Elizabeth Thompson Relationships

This is family. This is real. I have married a man who can take pinkeye and lice on vacation, and turn it into a party . . . now that’s a good man. That’s a good life.