Aftermath: Silent No More

Jennifer Savage On the Spectrum

My apathy and naiveté are shocking even to me. Almost as shocking as the fact that Donald Trump is going to be our president. Almost.

Just Life. And I’m Living It.

Jennifer Savage Relationships

I feel stretched, worn thin and the thing that bothers me most is that I seem to get to this place a lot, head in hands wondering what is wrong with me.

You’re The Goodest

Jennifer Savage Elementary School

Well, I’m sitting here feeling like a pretty crappy mama. We missed Eliza’s class holiday performance tonight. We didn’t miss it because we chose not to go. We missed it because we were late and her class performed without her.

Leaning In

Jennifer Savage Girls

I couldn’t see it through her fury but she’d wanted me to reassure her and I had, in many acts of stubbornness, drawn lines in the sand.