When Should We Start Reading to Our Babies?

Vanessa LoBue Baby

My advice here is the same as pediatricians’: Start reading to your baby right away. They’ll tell you it will promote future literacy. That might be true, but I’ll tell you that it will also promote future sanity, which is probably a much more immediate concern if you’re parenting an infant.

Those First 100 Days

Samina Farooq Baby

In Korean culture, the 100th day after a child’s birth is cause for celebration because both mom and baby have survived this fragile period.

Bye Bye, Baby

Rachel Guyah Baby

Naturally, as motherly instinct, I sometimes find myself clinging to any last bits of ‘baby’ I can—those chubby, chipmunk cheeks; our bedtime snuggles.

Lighten Up

Pamela Savage Baby

I’m going to be his mommy for the rest of my life. Not every day is going to be on “the schedule”, and the routine is just not always going to work.

We Are All These Mothers

Samantha Darby Sollenberger Baby

Tonight, I have had my heart on Paris, on the Syrian refugees people want to keep out of our country, on the children that died as we bombed ISIS.

A Letter To My Second Born

Amber Hill Baby

Somewhere in the middle of my petitions, I drift off to sleep fretting over if I am giving you all I've got and if you truly know my heart for you.

Love Amplifier

Sonya Spillmann Baby

“But how does it work? How do you love this one like your first?”