My Heartbreaker

Amy Turn Sharp because i said so

And my heart falls to the floor, right out of my body and around the room. His fingers used to be so small like the tiniest promise, the boldest whisper. And now he woos me with Neil Young. And now we move like folk singers across the carpet.

Day in the Life of Mamalode—Mo Larson

Team Mamalode because i said so

“The second time I got cancer…” Not a sentence I thought I'd ever say, but I've used it in the last several months. To differentiate from the first time I got cancer at age 12, and a breast cancer diagnosis at age 39. wresting with this disease as a kid: very different dealing with it now as a mom to three and wife to one.  Join me on my LAST (hopefully ever!) chemo treatment.


Elizabeth Thompson because i said so

I want to stop time, freeze-fram your innocence, your toddlerhood, this moment, forever.