When Things Go Right

Katie Shea Britton because i said so

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When things go wrong, we cope. We rise to the challenge. We push with muscles toned from years of practice.

When things go wrong, we analyze and calculate. We look for solutions, and resort to hand-wringing andteeth gnashing.

When things go wrong there is blame. There is anger and frustration.

Everyone understands when things go wrong.

But sometimes things go right. Everything falls into place.

Wringing hands slowly unfurl. Gnashing teeth fall silent.

Peace descends; our calculations stop and our solutions are relegated to the back corner, unneeded.

The anger has nothing to feed on and blame turns to wonder.

The simplicity of “right” fosters a calm mind and a relaxed body. The spirit rejoices when things go right.


About the Author

Katie Shea Britton

Katie Shea Britton was perfectly comfortable with having nothing in her life figured out, and then she became a mom and realized life could become even more confusing. She loves her three girls fully, laughs through the days with her favorite husband, and tries to capture snippets of the glorious insanity for posterity.

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