How I Know She’s Mine

Melissa Bowers Girls

I remember my moderate disappointment. Shouldn’t a daughter resemble her mother?

Redefining What We Share

Sara Goldfarb Girls

But maybe, just maybe, if she remembers what we share, that we are literally cut from the same cloth, she'll remember me.

What We Share

Ambrosia Brody Girls

As parents we are asked to share so much: our opinions, our thoughts, our food, space and resources. More importantly, we are asked to share our stories; our memories.

The Reprieve

Karen Weese Girls

But I cried when the bus pulled away to take her kindergarten, because for the first time she was leaving me.

Mother’s Hands

Kristin Anderson Girls

No, she used those hands to break horses, raise children, sell watermelons on roadside stands, climb trees, and travel. My mother used her hands to live well.

Beauty Is Not A Bad Word

Megan Peterson Girls

I am going to make an effort to compliment her outward appearance as much as I do her other strengths, before she’s pushed to seek society’s shallow brand of satisfaction.


Lynn Hudorovich Girls

“If you want to be a model,” I tell her, “be a model of character.”

The Things We Carry

Kristin Anderson Girls

Children fill our lives and our purses with so much more than we ever imagined we could carry.