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My Mom Jeans

My Mom Jeans

Think I'll slip on my

Mom jeans.

Just high enough to hide my tiger-stripes ​(as my sis-in-law fondly calls them).

Spackled with snot, saliva, and

shit ​(literally).

Pockets bulging with multi-colored tissue ​(solid white ​before​ use)

and chapstick bitten off at the tip.

Ranch hand imprints along the thighs​ (ketchup on the left back pocket)​,

a newly-found rip along the knee

closely associated with the tear stains along the calves.

Faded by the wear and tear of grubby little hands pawing for

(and finding)​ affection –

you can't buy custom-design like this.


June 2015 - Kindness
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Mommy Catharsis

Mommy Catharsis blogs over at Contemplative Chaos and is the mother of two young boys. When she's not blogging about raising children, she's juggling the roles of mother, wife, teacher, and perfectionist. Her work can also be found on Scary Mommy, Sammiches and Psych Meds, and The Mighty. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
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