My Mom Jeans

Erin Britt because i said so

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Think I'll slip on my

Mom jeans.

Just high enough to hide my tiger-stripes ​(as my sis-in-law fondly calls them).

Spackled with snot, saliva, and

shit ​(literally).

Pockets bulging with multi-colored tissue ​(solid white ​before​ use)

and chapstick bitten off at the tip.

Ranch hand imprints along the thighs​ (ketchup on the left back pocket)​,

a newly-found rip along the knee

closely associated with the tear stains along the calves.

Faded by the wear and tear of grubby little hands pawing for

(and finding)​ affection –

you can't buy custom-design like this.


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Erin Britt

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June 2015 – Kindness
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