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To Be a Man

To Be a Man

“Tell me again, Mama.  How does it go?” My 4 year-old son asked, looking at me with his big, serious eyes.

“Okay,” I replied, grasping for a simple way to answer his question. “You start as a baby…”

“And then I’m a boy,” he interrupted, pleased he was getting the hang of things.

“Yes, and then you are a boy, like right now. Next, you’ll be a big boy.”

“But I’m a big boy now,” he explained. “I’m four.” He held up four little fingers. (Four is nothing to mess around with.)

“Yes, but you will get even bigger,” I explained.  “And eventually you will be a young man.”  

He smiled.

“And then I will be a man, like Daddy?” he pressed.

“That’s right. Then you will be a man. Just like Daddy.”


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Julia Arnold

Julia Arnold is a mom of two young kids living in the Twin Cities who is still coming to terms with the fact that her counters are always sticky, and her floor is never clean. She writes about the less glamorous side of new motherhood on her blog Frantic Mama.
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