Owning My Bias

Joseph Medler Boys

Nowadays, with racists running for and winning office while openly espousing the profiling of religious belief and questioning the very humanity of people of color, turning their backs on the poor and destitute ravaged by war and strife and hunger, I can’t afford to deny my bias in defense of my ideals.

If You’re Gay…

Joseph Medler Tweens & Teens

And if you fall in love with a man and you spark and you make a life filled with love, and laughter and experiences that make you feel the world was made just for you, just like this life feels for me, you will find no one in the world more delighted and happy for you than me.

Picture Day

Joseph Medler Elementary School

Hopefully when you look back, from a great distance and see your picture you’ll see love.

Fragile and Brave

Joseph Medler Boys

I can honestly say that you’ve impacted my life more than I ever could yours. You’ve shown me the value of being unafraid.

Home, Home

Joseph Medler daddy-o

The challenging moments are frustrating for him and overwhelming for us. But between them, in the interstitials of a very full life, lies endless beauty. 

Pessimism, Optimism and Freeing My Truest Self

Joseph Medler daddy-o

Pessimism is easy it turns out. Not easy to endure, but SO MUCH EASIER to maintain than optimism. Pessimism is cloaked in world-weary, leathery toughness, but it's all an act. It's really just fear dressed up. Now, if you know an optimist that person is a badass. BAD. ASS.


Joseph Medler daddy-o

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery