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Because I Said So because i said so

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by Tamar Kasberg

It’s so quiet here
Like the inside of a fog
I try to move my body
But I am dead and can’t

All I feel
Is my heart breaking
Over and over
Again and again

I try to run
To pump the blood
Back through my veins
To feel

I want to open
All the windows
And give my face to the sun
That has worked in the past

But I can’t
I am frozen
Caught between worlds
Where it is grey without feeling

My heart is still breaking
I watch it fall to the ground
Shattering in a million lost pieces
All without a sound

And then he is there
He is so small
I didn’t notice him at first

He needs something from me
But I have nothing to give
I can tell he wants me to move closer
Embrace him

I try to scream, to tell him
I have no heart
I’m frozen and can’t move

He lowers his head
And seems confused
My eyes  follow his gaze
To his chest



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Because I Said So

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