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I grew up in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. My high school had an unusually strong theater department whose musicals were very elaborate and popular. It was led by an iconic theater teacher Beverly Brasil whose famous opening night, back stage pre-performance speech to the butterfly-filled thespians emphasized that, “Like life, the theatre is ephemeral. Go do your best and live in the moment that is tonight.” The implication was clear: appreciation for life is animated by effort, focus and understanding of the fleeting nature of time and place. 

I have tried to remember this ever since while pursuing music, getting married and having two children. Timing is everything and all things are ephemeral. Right now, I have something really cool going on. I have landed in a band that has pegged the intersections of my past and present. We write music for kids that parents like. We are a family band. We sing about food, reading, nature and animals in cafeterias, gyms and playgrounds. These are all places familiar to my 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. My worlds collide. Suddenly, the band is not about beer swigging practices and playing at the bar. It is a family affair. The kids can deftly assemble and dissemble a drum set. They somehow think their dad is famous.

This phase with the kids is fleeting. The opportunity for the band is real but ephemeral. I think I will make the most of it right now.

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Daniel Kiely

Daniel Kiely currently plays drums for the Whizpops, works at Merrill Lynch, and lives in Missoulawith Wife Kay, and two kids, Hayden and Evelyn. He also has an intense fly fishing habit.

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