Fortitude: Lessons from a Kindergartener

Nichole Beaudry because i said so

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This morning, when we arrived at school, we went to my daughter Katie's classroom, deposited her lunch into her cubby and hung her backpack on its hook.

We then made our way to the playground, where we stood at the entrance.

Our conversation went like this:

Me: Katie, do you see any of your classmates out there?

Katie: No…I don't recognize anyone.

Me: No worries, we can wait until you see someone who looks familiar.

Katie: I'm okay, Mommy. I want to go play.

Me: But Katie, none of your friends are out there yet.

Katie: Then, I'll go make some.

And in that moment, I realized that she's going to be just fine.

The next time I'm standing on the fringe, trying to work up the courage to join in, I hope to remember those wise words from my kindergartener.

Because life should always be that simple.


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Nichole Beaudry

Nichole Beaudry spends her days enjoying the small moments with her two children and uses their naptime to write about them. A former English professor, Nichole is now the assignment editor for allParenting, co-director/co-producer for Listen to Your Mother, Sacramento and co-founder of Sacramento Bloggers. When, by some miracle, she manages to find a few quiet moments, she writes on her own blog, , where she strives to capture the smallest, most amazing moments of life with her husband and young children.

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