Full Circle

Tammi Salas because i said so

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a raw bundle of emotions
lay dormant in the pit of me
quite often left alone
buried deep and dark

jumbled like a ball of yarn
messy and tangled
eager for order

the trigger to release them is forever fickle –
country music
an unexpected kiss good night
a locked gaze with a new friend
too many cocktails
the truth

they dart through my body looking for an exit
climbing out of my mouth
leaking from my eye sockets
reaching for a warm body to hold

once busted out of their makeshift prison
they are wild and frenetic
unpredictable in their path

out in the open they swirl through the air
and land on people and objects around me
quietly, silently absorbed

my heart is open,
softly pounding
my head hangs down,
shoulders shuddering

…or not
finally free

the ones too scared to be outside of me
quickly float back
softer, lighter

to be

i tuck them away carefully
back into the dark pit
with sweet acknowledgement
that they have traveled

full circle.



About the Author

Tammi Salas

Tammi lives in Valley Ford, CA (population: 126). She is a former wine bar owner, lifelong seeker + recovering perfectionist. She makes art everyday + credits this practice as the path to her spiritual overhaul. She documents her creative forays + monthly sobriety milestones on her website www.tammisalas.com and co-hosts The Unruffled Podcast, which focuses on creativity + recovery from alcohol. ------- Website http://www.tammisalas.com/ --------- Podcast https://m.soundcloud.com/stevehecht-561628099

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