Hey Middle Child

Rachel Haggerty because i said so

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I see you there trying to find your place in the chaos of our days together. I see you striving to get my attention, to read one more book at bedtime. I see your eyes dancing when I chose you to dance with after dinner.

I see you, middle one.

You are important, you are needed. Without you, our family would be full of secrets. For you are the one that shouts them from the roof tops. Making your place in the curve of my arms.

With you in my life I know how to strive to equally distribute my love. You showed me quickly and with ease that my heart is capable to love more than one child. Any doubts flew away with your first cry. Your very first breath, where I felt my heart beat a different beat.

Today I want you to know you don't have to fight to earn my love. I want you to know the middle isn't a bad line up for you. Being in the middle is being loved.

You're right in the middle of me leaning in to kiss your Daddy goodnight.

You're right in the middle of your brother bringing me his first bouquet of flowers.

You're right in the middle of your younger sisters first steps.

You're right in the middle of my best day.

You're right in the middle of a much needed hug.

You're right in the middle of my very being.

Because you are you. My middle one.

I see you trying to find your place, but today I tell you to stop. Your place is right in the middle of my heart.


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Rachel Haggerty

Rachel Haggerty, blogger of . Wife and Mother of three, finds grace and humor in the ordinary.

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