Let’s Go!

Kelly Coloff because i said so

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Here I go.
Running. Training. Pushing.
Pavement trailing behind me.
Forward. Acceleration.
Alone, quiet, smooth. Yet sharp.
Steady, cadence.  My rhythm is missing.

Here we go.
Gentle Jog. Stop to investigate. Sprint.
Stop to hear wildlife calls. Sprint.
Tramp through the weeds to see. Something.
Stop to drink. Sprint. Squat-run-propel. Sprint.
Slow jog. “Are we there yet?” Sprint. Jog. Sprint.

Let's go!
Wind on my face. Laughing. Legs burning.
Feeling, seeing, hearing. More.
Keeping up. Catching up. Filling up.
Rhythm of pause and go.
I prefer pedal intervals to a solitary run.


About the Author

Kelly Coloff

Kelly found her way from Southern Colorado to Kalispell Montana where she lives with her husband, two boys and their sweet Bernese Mountain Dog. She works part-time as a Nurse Practitioner and spends the rest of her time with her family adventuring on trails, rivers, lakes, and in the backyard. Kelly and her sister write about gardening, nature, and mothering at .

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