Misplaced Agony

Maureen Wallace because i said so

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My son, Charlie has just one more chromosome than I do, but it manages to slither from his body and wrap tightly around my little boy’s abilities. His gait is off-balance but determined. His speech is monosyllabic and includes “Mum.”

He fights the roadblocks daily. He flees brilliantly when it’s time for a diaper change.

He gets frustrated. Absolutely. When he has invented a sign for something important but Mum just doesn’t get it.

His frustration sometimes matches mine…and sometimes he is carefree with glee while my heart begins to break.

I want him to catch a break. I want us to get a break from how much harder Charlie has to work for what comes fluidly to his younger sister.

“Cut him a break, God,” I plead.

Then his bubbling laughter pulls me from my woe-is-us funk. If Charlie isn’t bothered by this moment, why am I?

About the Author

Maureen Wallace

Maureen Wallace was a PR guru trying to discover her writing passion when she gave birth to Charlie, who has Down syndrome. Now, she works at home, juggles two toddlers and panics over no. 3's arrival. During naps and at night, she writes for and , where her column is aptly titled, "Chasing Charlie." She blogs at .

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