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I don't drink coffee.
At least not regularly
I remember
After five days in Italy.

I'd been swept away
By caffè freddo
Served in stylish glasses
In chic cafes.

Once a day
I desired
A touch of sophistication
With my husband
While the kids ate ice-cream.

But I don't drink coffee.
At least not regularly
I remember NOW
With pain in my head and nausea rising.

I remember this feeling
As I gave up coffee
When we first started trying to get pregnant.

Just a decision I made
Ten years ago
That stuck through three pregnancies, births and years of breastfeeding.

How did I forget
That I'm not who I was?

Take the lead, my love
Decide who presses the lift buttons
And who sits next to me, and you.

I'm recovering
I've changed.

I'm the mom who I became.

And yes
I'll take Lemon Granita!

About the Author

Tania Elfersy

Tania Elfersy, mother of 3, is the co-author and publisher of the award-winning gift book for new moms, Purple Leaves, Red Cherries. Find out more about how Purple Leaves, Red Cherries is supporting women in early motherhood by visiting:

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