Shooting Star

Because I Said So because i said so

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by Ginny Mahar

Last night I dreamed you were on my chest,
little enough for me to hold with one arm.

All the big fears were gone:
That I wouldn’t be a good mother,
That the world would fail you,
That all would not be in place for your arrival.

There was only you and me,
and your father not far away.
We dozed in and out
still woven together, your warmth and mine.

Eyelids heavy, my hand
rising and falling upon your back, so small.
And a great peace like never
before, over both of us like
a blanket.

Something woke me—
a bright flash
across the black sky—
and just like that
our little star,
you were gone.


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Because I Said So

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December 2014
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