Taming Dragons

Dakota Nyght because i said so

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In my son's world, dragons lurk under couches and gnomes make ice cubes in the fridge. “Fire egg” tomatoes let you blast fiery doom on those in range. He changes from Totoro to a parkour assassin to Dovahkiin in the space of a blink. I remember this place. It's where your stuffed animals all come to bed so no one feels left out. Where your books whisper in conversation all night, and dreams become real simply because you thought it up. I remember-but haven't been an inhabitant for a while. I've missed it. Dreaming got squeezed out in favor of making it to work on time and figuring out how to pay the grocery bill. But now somehow my boy turned into Peter Pan, and I'm cast as Wendy-my Never Never has become Yes Now and I'm off to tame my own grownup dragons.

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Dakota Nyght

Dakota Nyght had the perfect plan to be a crazy cat lady, but was thwarted by the arrivals of first one, and then two amazing children. Since she couldn’t qualify as a cat lady with two children and only two cats, she regrouped, left the work-for-someone-else-world, and is currently attempting to practice zen and the art of creativity as an artist, writer, and Mama. She documents the craziness on her website, .

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