To My Son on Graduation Day

Peyton Price because i said so

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I want to put you in my pocket

just for a little while

and carry you close

so I can just give a pat

and know that you’re safe.

I want to link arms

and stroll the boulevard

so everyone can see

how fine you are

and your fineness will light up

even invisible me.

I want to take you to the lake

and teach you to skip stones

(pretend you don’t know how)

and speak only in metaphors

about your life ahead

as you solemnly nod.

I want to hug you

so tightly

you are reabsorbed

but then we’re divided again

this time as two




About the Author

Peyton Price

Peyton Price is the author of Suburban Haiku: Poetic Dispatches From Behind The Picket Fence. She lives in suburbia (of course) with her long-commuting husband (of course) and two above-average children (of course). .

Share Mamalode Share Mamalode
June 2015 – Kindness
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