Waiting In The Wings

Leslie Gaar Girls

There is another side to this passing of the torch – a sadness that I cannot deny. Because just as her star is beginning to rise, mine is beginning to fall.

Skating With My Daughter

Dana Schwartz Girls

I wonder, how many more years will she hold my hand, how much longer do we have to skate together, just the two of us?

Boxed In

Beth Fox Girls

She has put her in a box and is now surprised when my daughter doesn’t fit into that box or any box for that matter.


Nici Holt Cline Girls

As my big goal in life is to raise daughters who are compassionate, giving, strong thinking life-lovers, I recently decided we are going to collaboratively give more often. Specifically, in some small or large way, we will give every day.

Leaning In

Jennifer Savage Girls

I couldn’t see it through her fury but she’d wanted me to reassure her and I had, in many acts of stubbornness, drawn lines in the sand.

How I Know She’s Mine

Melissa Bowers Girls

I remember my moderate disappointment. Shouldn’t a daughter resemble her mother?

Redefining What We Share

Sara Goldfarb Girls

But maybe, just maybe, if she remembers what we share, that we are literally cut from the same cloth, she'll remember me.