No Other Choice

Emily Page Hatch Loss

When my mom was sick, people used to tell her she was “so strong.” She knew they were well intentioned, but she hated hearing that. “What choice do I have?” she would ask.

I Can’t Unsee That Day

Debra Cole Loss

Our city bruised but not beaten. The indelible images impressed on my retinas are invisible to him.

I Watched The World Burn From Exit 12

Kimberly Zapata Loss

It was not until I saw the World Trade Centers burn, not until we saw the skyline — our skyline —swallowed by fire and smoke and soot, I grasped the gravity of what was happening.

From Loss Comes Life

Kathleen Sullivan Loss

Today, there was laughter. I wiped away tears from my eyes. We had come full circle.

There Is More

Lexi Behrndt Loss

This place refocuses me on the profound magnificence of this world, the trivial of the problems of this life, and the fact that there is so, so much more.

Why My Miscarriage Made Me A Mom

Katherine Stanley Obando Loss

That’s what mothers are. We are not all optimists in the cheery, rainbow sense. We are optimists when it comes to our own ability to endure

Seeing Her Again

Larissa Peluso-Fleming Loss

Despite the empty pit in my heart that took up residence when my baby sister died, I feel as though I am “seeing” her every morning when the sun comes up when that little voice calls my name from her crib.

What I Learned From The Death of My Son

Evelyn Shields-Cowley Loss

Losing my son has made me appreciate my other children even more. I understand that life is not guaranteed, even to the young and wonderful. I understand that every single moment is a moment that will never come back, so I have to enjoy it while I can.

Life and Death in the Dressing Room

Joy Riggs Loss

You are trying to pretend that you are on just another mother-daughter shopping trip. But the stakes have never been this high. Prom? Hah. Wedding dress? Who cares. This is about life with a capital L. You are terrified.