Erin Britt mouths of babes

Give hope a chance. All I’m saying is, give hope a chance. Because she loves to change the world.

Homeless—a Poem

mouths of babes mouths of babes

by Nikki Ramsey, age 11 Last year when I was in 6th grade, I had an assignment to write a poem to read for an open mic poetry reading. I …

The Path

mouths of babes mouths of babes

by Danika Firth, age 14 It wound through the houses like a snake.  You lived there as a child, young and bright.  Funny and adventurous  The rough cobblestone hard against …

A Paralyzed Night

mouths of babes mouths of babes

By Sage Lost-Bear, age 11, 6th grade The cold touch of a river at midnight blankets my toes. As I slowly drift my feet through the shivering water below, a …