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This is the theme of my life… “What now?” Particularly as a parent. Particularly right now.

Why I March

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This, for me, is the natural progression of parenthood: first, we work to make it good at home for them; then, we work to make it good in the world for them.

After The Election

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Moms, dads and people raising children have the biggest leadership role of all– what we teach in our homes and hearts changes the world in an immediate and lasting way that transcends all politics, borders and languages.

March – Aspire

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The month of March is dedicated to big dreams, ambition, risk and courage – the stuff you put your whole heart into and what it takes to get there. Stories about who you are, want to be and where you want to go.

Katie Holyfield is a BAM

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When I think of a BAM Katie always comes to mind.   I have seen her struggle, achieve and love unconditionally through it all.  Not only is she a working …

Kelsey Olsen is a BAM

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Kelsey was suddenly made a single mother.  The father unfortunately is no longer in the picture.  Even though the circumstances surrounding this event are horrific, Kelsey has not once lost …