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Life is full of all sorts of firsts.

First, I had a baby boy. A son. The amount of love that was and is there is almost soul-crushing. In the best way. Then I had a baby girl. A daughter. And the equal amount of soul-crushing love there did me in. I'm mush.

At first, I didn't know much about being a momma. I grew and grow with them as a momma. I get better at it. Sometimes I mess up, but as a whole I learn all the time and get better with the daily, umm…kind of practice. I've gotten pretty good at it.

At first when I started blogging, I didn't know much, if anything, about it. I did it for myself when I had some major, doctor ordered, down-time in life (A heart thing. It's pretty good now.) But I wrote on this blog of mine, and when I look back on some of it, I think I'll delete this post or that post, because they were terribly written. But I'm keeping them. They show growth. I've gotten pretty good at it.

I remember the first follower. The first comment. The first hater comment.

I remember sharing all of these firsts with my kids. The first of freelance jobs. The first time I told them that a story I had written was going to be published. The first check I earned from my writing. And now, the first time I was published in a magazine.

At first I took this writing gig as something of my own, like, just for me. But it turns out, it's good for my kids, too. It's good for people that read what I'm writing. And that is all good for me. It all seems to keep me in a state of amazement and it keeps me digging for better things.

The kids looked at me the other day and asked…So…when people ask us what your job is—we can tell them you're a writer?

It made me very proud to say yes. I am a writer. It doesn't pay the bills. YET. But it's something that I love and enjoy and I make time for. And they see that. And what's even better than me being proud of me, is the fact that my kids are proud of me. I actually, just now writing this, had to take a deep breath over that sentence. It's huge, man.

Thank you, Mamalode, for seeing my words here, for publishing my words, and for having me in your magazine. It's an honor, and it means so much more than meets the eye.

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Angela Smith

Angela is an introverted photographer, writer, gardener, and hiker. A lover of all animals including the loves of her life, her two kids, Tyler and Jolie. She writes .

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