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This essay was originally published in print Issue no. 12, theme HUMOR.

An interview with Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy

You know how some people dream of growing up and joining the circus? Me, I have little fantasies of running away to join Broad Comedy. I have some wicked imaginary sketches worked out for this over the top all-gal comedy troupe from Bozeman. I am pretty sure my lack of singing ability will prevent any such reality, as the “Broads” are incredibly musical, but I think, at the very least, the big boss Broad and I would have a heck of a great time should we ever find ourselves shipwrecked on a tropical, and very, very funny island.

Katie Goodman is a comedian. She and her husband Soren co-write and direct most of the material for the Broad Comedy troupe—everything from feminism to politics to community satire. Katie flounces, trounces, sings her guts out and rocks some of the best hair west of the Mississippi. Really, she is a babe. And swears like a sailor. And raps/sings/dances/writes and when she is not being inappropriate (in all the best ways) she leads camps for kids theater and coaches improvisation workshops for folks like me who just want to hang out with her.

She has expanded her one-woman act to New York City.

And she has a 9-year-old son, who has yet to see her shows, so the jury is still out on that. But as we mamas know, our kids never really think we are funny. Well, at least not in the ways we want them to think. Funny, isn’t it?

But for now, let me shine a spotlight on the woman who makes our sides ache (from laughing)…Katie Goodman.

Mamalode: Tell us about your background.

Katie: I'm sort of a theatre girl in comedian's clothing right now. What I mean is I have a 20-year theatre background (comedy, musical theatre, improvisation) and now I'm making the leap into the world of standup comics and cabaret, although I'm doing what I like to call “stand-up occasionally,” because I'm a musical comic sitting at a piano.

Mamalode: How did you come to Montana and become a performer?

Katie: We had been in L.A. and Philly and we were looking for a cute, smaller town where we could really become part of a community. In the cities it's so hard to maintain long-term relationships with an audience or students. Bozeman was perfect. We started a theatre camp at the Equinox Theatre (which is now run by Erin Roberg, one of the Broads) and it was really embraced here. Now it's the perfect place to come home to and try out our new work in the Broad Comedy fall shows before we take it on the road around the world.

Mamalode: How did the Broads come about?

Katie: I felt I had a lot to say and wanted to say it in satirical form. The structure of Broad Comedy, with short songs and short sketches, was a perfect place to talk about politics but also women's issues. These are the things I care about so I auditioned a bunch of great women, et voila!

Mamalode: Tell us about your workshops.

Katie: Improvisation for the Spirit is a hilarious, fun weekend where you get to learn about yourself by trying something you've never done, and seeing how you operate. You get to find out how to get unblocked creatively, and gain self-confidence. It's a great place for anyone in a big transition, too. A good way to take a look at things and have fun and play with other like-minded women for a weekend. Totally a treat.

Camp Equinox is a four-week theatre camp where we teach improv, acting, musical theatre, hip-hop dance that the kids create, art projects, Shakespeare, auditioning, all with a big focus on comedy and on creating a community that is incredibly supportive. You won't recognize your kids after the month! Really, it's just incredible what theatre can do. Our staff is incredible—from all over the country—and the friendships that blossom are such a delight to watch. The teen interns are a favorite part of camp too.

Mamalode: Tell Us About N.Y.C. and Jobs.

Katie: I've been doing my solo show at The Triad on 72nd and Broadway all year, and now we're moving to Joe's Pub at The Public Theatre for the summer (though I'll be going back and forth from Bozeman since I have camp). This is a real honor. Joe's Pub is like the Holy Grail of cabarets. It's gorgeous and everyone knows it. I am so excited to be there.

Mamalode: What cracks you up?

Katie: The unexpected. Something new I hadn't heard a particular take on yet, or just something out of the blue. Also, edgy satire that pushes the envelope. I actually laugh at a lot of things. I'm a good audience member!

Mamalode: What’s your take away on motherhood?

Katie: Listen to your own ideas and beliefs about parenting and what it means to be a woman and a mom. There is so much out there telling us who to be. Just take what makes sense and dump the rest. Mom knows best… for her.

Broad Comedy will be playing in Portland, OR and New York City this fall! Click here for shows and ticket information.

This essay was originally published in print Issue no. 12, theme HUMOR.

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