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Mamalode began so simply. At least that is the lore—a free, local publication. For moms. For you.

But you, dear readers, knew  before we did that mamalode was something more. And for a lot more moms. For a lot more of you.

You sent them to your sisters. Moms. College roommates. Friends. And all of a sudden we had people in all 50 states and ten other countries reading this free, local publication—because the stories (your stories) resonate beyond this valley. Beyond Montana. Beyond what we ever dreamed.

Your stories are now moving onto an even bigger platform. We launched our mamalode Greatest Hits, volume 1 (from the first five print issues of mamalode) on the App Store for iPad. In 2013 we will launch a full digital subscription on tablets, but for now enjoy almost 60 pages of ad-free mamalode wonder. It is for every mom, everywhere, but apparently you already knew that.

For now, just know we know. We know that all of this growth has come from, and through, you.

We cannot thank you enough.

Mom on, mamaloders.

This essay was originally published in print Issue no. 14, theme CAPACITY.

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