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Never more true than when raising babies.  

When pregnant with your first, reading all the parenting advice books and blogs trying to soak up and learn everything there was to this parenting thing.  

Then actually having the baby and realizing you know nothing.

Living days of sleepless nights. Learning to catch a cat nap while sitting upright feeding a baby at 2:00 a.m.

Living in yoga pants and your husbands old flannels because they are just going to get spit up on anyways. Learning a touch of lipstick and pair of earrings even if you aren’t leaving your house can make you feel like some semblance of your old self.

Living a full day with a crying baby, remembering when you thought eight hours at the office was a hard day. Learning that a 10 minute walk outside by yourself can erase the whole day of tears. Yours and the babes. Fresh air is an amazing thing.

Living through morning sickness while caring for a toddler when you decide to do it all over again. Learning that a toddler doesn’t care if you play games while lying on the floor trying not to throw up. Or fall asleep. Or both.

Living the miraculous moment again of bringing life into the world. Learning the second time around is even more magical because you know what to expect.

Living the sleepless nights again. Learning it is easier now.

Living with fighting children—screaming, biting then suddenly loving, playing. Learning to love the quiet of the early morning before it all begins again. Never imagining you would ever want to be up at 6:00 a.m. for peace.  

Living through the tears of sending your first born off to the first day of school. Learning to see how cool your second child is when you get some one on one time with them—something they have never had.

Living a whole different life when both are at school full time. Learning about the things you enjoy without them. Getting a glimpse at your pre-children self.

Living a world separate from your kids when they begin spending more and more time away from you each day. Learning to cope with the bitter-sweetness of this. Bitter because they are your babies learning to be independent from you. Sweet because they are doing it so well.

Living this amazing life with your beautiful loves. Learning that each day keeps getting a little better than the rest.  

Teaching them all you know to prepare them for the whole, wide world they will be a part of. But, knowing the best advice for them is to keep learning each day while they are living it.  


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Angela Jamison

Bozeman native, mama of 2 girls, blogger about family and food at . She's also had a couple articles published on the website.

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January 2015 – live & learn
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