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From the moment that Samurai Q Chand landed on Earth, he has demonstrated a strong temper and a witty sense of humor, both very essential for living with the people who just happened to be his family.

Bea, the Mama, is an Italian-Korean-Hawaiian-Chinese visual artist and Sebas, the Papa, is a Colombian-German-British-Indian musician. They were elected parents at a moment in their lives when all they knew about babies was that they wear diapers and communicate by making cute but incomprehensible babbling sounds. They were more than right on the first point, but soon realized they’d highly underestimated the second. Driven by a fiery survival instinct, Samurai’s first word was ‘Boob’.

Looking for food

Samurai’s Mama had to deal with being called ‘Boob’ for quite some time before he realized she had feelings too and started calling her ‘ma-ma’. After that, it took just a couple of months for Samurai to build his own unique idiom and proudly speak it 24/7.

A baby’s life is not always merry and bright — far from it. It isn’t too long after birth that he realizes that denial and obligation are two things to get used to in life. Samurai quickly transformed that bitter taste into an energetic reaction to any act of power by Mama and Papa. He quickly learned the word ‘No’ and became an insurrectionist.


It was Mama who decided to record that episode and many of Samurai’s other achievements worthy of being remembered. The pencil being Mama’s main mean of communication, she decided to draw his journal.

The everyday challenges, accomplishments and misadventures in the life of a growing baby and his clumsy parents are the motif of Samurai’s visual journal, a blog where Bea Davies posts hand-drawn snapshots of her life-changing experience of motherhood.


About the Author

Bea Davies

Bea Davies is an Italian illustrator based in Berlin. She is the mother of Samuel Q Chand, aka Samurai, who was born to be a comic book character. She keeps a blog where she tells his wonderful adventures through pencil, paper and ink, watching him grow and hoping he will be the first man on Mars. Find her work on .

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